Reflective Essay

ENGLCOM is one of those subjects that help you throughout your whole stay in DLSU. It sticks with you permanently because of all the lessons it teaches. A common misconception on academic reading and writing is that it is boring and not fun, but studying ENGLCOM has clarified to me that it is quite the opposite, and that it only does it it give us the freedom to express ourselves, but it is also not without challenges.

Writing essays during my classes here have given me my fair share of difficulties such as having difficulty in choosing a topic, or finding ways to elaborate on my points of emphasis. I tackle these challenges by first, thinking of a topic that could captivate the readers, and then thinking of ways I can continue the flow of sentences. I also try to stay calm and compose myself. These practices have caused me to improve in the way I write.

I have seen my improvements from my entry and exit essay clearly, because my entry essay was very unorganized and had ideas spread out everywhere, while my exit essay was more organized and the ideas were more concrete and well elaborated. These improvements were because of the way Ms. Saracin lets us write media logs and essays constantly, her guidance has also played a big role in my improvement as a student, She also lets us compile all our work in an E-Portfolio, so that we may review our work whenever we like, which helps a lot.

I can say that I have completed my portfolio and have achieved completeness, because I actually like what I am doing, and having an understanding and kind professor like Ms. Saracin helps too, because I do not feel restrained and forced.

In conclusion, ENGLCOM has made me appreciate English literature a lot more, and it has given me invaluable tips and lessons that I will bring with me everywhere. It has given me brand new energy in studying the ways of English literature and writing.


Exit Essay

The social issue that I am going to discuss is a common one, and it is one that affects most of our country’s population, and that is poverty, Poverty is an issue that has plagued our country for as long as the people can remember, and somehow, it is only getting worse and worse, I will discuss it in this exit essay and attempt to elaborate.

What causes poverty? Well poverty has a wide range of causes including the lack of employment in our country, or the poor job our government is doing on taking care of our country, but those are only factors. Poverty is mostly caused by people not having a quality education during their childhood, thus causing them to lack the qualifications needed for even a basic job, not having a basic foundation in education also results in them failing to understand family planning, which results in them having mouths that they are unable to feed.

Poverty not only affects the lifestyle of the lower class, but it affects everyone in general, as stated by the above, people who are experiencing poverty have poor or no education, couple that with hungry stomachs and you have someone who is desperate and in pain. This causes them to commit crimes like stealing, or even murdering, just to ease their hunger and pain. We see it everyday in the news, people getting their stuff stolen, and when the thief gets caught, they always say it’s because they are just trying to feed themselves or their family, although it’s not always true, it still makes me think about what can be done for these people.

Poverty is such a simple concept, but it is extremely hard to find a solution for it, it is hard not only because it affects so much people, but also because we do not truly feel the pain and suffering these people go through, which makes it harder for us to reach out to them. It does indeed help when the government creates free public schools for the children , but it is lacking, the adults also need jobs so as to make them feel useful and to make them feel like they have a purpose, unfortunately, our lack of employment is alarmingly high, which doesn’t help anybody.

In conclusion, poverty is a very serious issue, and should be considered by everyone as their responsibility to help lessen it. We can do little things like give them food or participate in outreaches to help, or attempt to give them a little education, poverty is rampant, but with enough dedication, it can be lessened.

Entry Essay

Disclaimer : This is my entry essay so forgive any and all mistakes that I may commit, as I was not very experienced in creating essays for ENGLCOM at this time.

The social issue that I wish to tackle in this essay would be the corruption of the Philippine government and how it is a big hindrance to the Philippines. The corruption is present here in the Philippines is a huge road block that stops the Philippines from moving forward and achieving maximum potential. I believe that the corrupt government is one of the biggest, if not, the biggest reason why the Philippines is struggling in it’s current state, and why we cannot compete with top countries like Japan. I believe this because, indeed, how can we start improving our country, if our own leaders are the ones holding us back

I chose the topic of corruption because as we students grow older and more mature, we will inevitably be more and more involved in choosing our future leaders, as it is both our right and our responsibility as members of the society. So I myself, as a future voter, think that when it is my turn to vote, I should be able to have confidence on who I vote for, and they should keep their promises and plans during their election campaigns, but I think that in the current state of the Philippines, some people are starting to think that there is not a “correct” choice anymore, as nearly all the candidates turn corrupt sooner or later, so again, the problem stands that our country is quite notorious for it’s corruption, and even though all of our politicians  promise to stop or lessen corruption, they end up contributing to it and making it worse themselves, so again, my question is, how can we stand together as one whole country, when we are fighting against each other for money and power.

I have no concrete solution to this very big problem, because the solution is the politicians themselves, they should rethink what they are doing, and instead of becoming enveloped by greed and lust, they should focus on doing their jobs correctly and prioritize the members of our community over material things

When Should Parents Let Go?

Thesis Statement : The common problem that teens and their parents face at some point in their lives is the time when teens want to take charge of their lives

Main Ideas

  1. Parents should let teens make their own decisions when they hit the age of 17 or 18.
  2. In a parent’s persepective, they usually want to keep making decisions for us until we’ve finished college, or even when we are already adults
  3. In a teenager’s eyes, they start to long for the freedom of making their own choices, as early as high school

Supporing Ideas

  1. We should be allowed to make our own decisions at this age because this is where we start our journey to becoming independent, and we already know what is right and wrong
  2. They do this because they are convinced they know what is best for us, and they want to protect us from harm
  3. Teenagers want to make their own decisions because they want to explore the world, and they are usually tired from being sheltered their whole lives.

Conclusion: I believe that both sides have a point in their stands, but I still believe that parents should still let their chilren make their own choices when they are maturing, because nothing beats experience.

      The common problem that teenagers and their parents all face at some point in their lives is when the teens want to take charge of  their lives, while the parents still want to shelter them. This is a topic of debate because there is no specific answer because each family differs from one another, and both sides have their own points and perspectives.Kids and parents often experience their greatest conflict during the teen years trying to figure out just the right level of responsibility and independence for each stage of life. ( Dwight Bain, Let Go of Your 20 something kid )

The first side to be discussed will be my perspective, parents should let teens make their own decisions at the age of 17 or 18, In my perspective, this is the appropriate time to loosen the chains because this is where our journey to becoming independent starts, and this is also the stage where we develop our true personalities and what truly sets us apart from others, finally, at this stage of our lives, we should already have a firm grasp on what is right and wrong, but parents probably have a different idea.  ““One of the most important aspects of life is knowing who you are as a person. Knowing your own limitations and advantages can help keep you successful in life. Although the decisions are small for a child, it can help them discover who they are as they find that which they enjoy and what they dislike”  ( Ken M, 5 reasons to let children make their own decisions )

In a parent’s perspective, they do not think we are ready at this point, or rather, they are the ones who aren’t ready to let go just yet, they usually want to decide for their children until after college, and in some cases, even when they are already adults. Parents do this because they are convinced they know what is best for us, which at time results them in being overprotective and controlling, even if they are not aware of it. They are also concerned about our safety and at most times overthink the situation, however they also mean the best for us, but it is said that being an overprotective parent leads to weaker children ( Dwight Bain , Let Go of Your 20 Something Kid )

In a teenager’s eyes, they are ready to be free, and they start to long for freedom and the feeling of independence and making their own choices, even as early as high school or even grade school, this is sparked by their curiosity. Teenagers want to make their own decisions because they feel the urge to go out and experience what it truly means to be free and explore the unknown world, or they just simply want to be free, and discover their own identity.

In conclusion, I believe that both sides have a point for their way of thinking, but my opinion still stands that parents should let go relatively early, when teenagers are starting to making their transition to adulthood. This is because no amount of lectures and words can compare to a first-hand experience. So when teens make a mistake, they will know not to repeat it again, and of course, if you truly raised your child well, at this point in their lives, you should not have to worry about them making incredibly wrong decisions, since they should already be mature enough and know their own limits.

Sources :

Becoming A True LaSallian

Introduction : Being a LaSallian is not just about getting good grades and diploma at the end, It’s about coming out of the experience as a better person

Main Ideas

  1. Being a good LaSallian means upholding the good morals and values of our university and being a model to others. We must apply all our good values and traits not just on campus grounds, but also in the outside world.
  2. It is more than just about getting a diploma, It is about getting the experience to lead in the future. We study in LaSalle not just to gain knowledge, but also exposure and prepare ourselves to be the future leaders
  3. Being a true LaSallian means that once we graduate from this university, we have already tapped our potential and come out as better versions of ourselves. Once we our stay here in LasSalle has been completed, we should already have a grasp of our abilities and move closer to the ideal version of ourselves.

Conclusion : Studying in LaSalle is more than just about textbooks and classes, it is about preparing ourselves for the future, and making the world a better place not just for ourselves, but for those around us

Thesis Statement : Enrolling in LaSalle means more than just physical things like diplomas,grades, and graduating at the end of it all.


Main Essay

Some students, if not most, enroll here just for the sake of getting a degree in a popular university such as DLSU, but enrolling in LaSalle means much more than just getting good grades, or a diploma at the end of it all. It’s about coming out as a better version of yourself from the experience

  Being a true LaSallian means upholding the LaSallian way both inside and outside our university. We should apply it not just in our studies or campus, but also on how we treat other people, we should set an example for others, and become model citizens to them. An example of a situation we could apply it in, is our patience in studying, we can use this patience to tolerate other people who do us wrong, and with patience, getting knowledge and experience follows.

Part of being a LaSallian is not just about getting a diploma and degree when our stay here has come to an end, but it is also about gaining the experience and ability to lead in the future,well, what does it mean to lead? (lead::  to guide someone or something along a way), in order to lead others, we must be well versed in our field, and most importantly, have the ability to handle tasks thrown at us with experience and precisionm so we study here as future businessmen in order to get a taste of what it would be like to propose new ideas, as well as how to run our own business, and as for others who are not in COB, experience comes in the form of their trips outside the school, their OJT’s, and generally just working with the professionals.We are here not just for knowledge, but also for exposure, and to prepare ourselves to help our nation move forward, but being a leader requires us to know our potential and limits.

Lastly, being a student of LaSalle means that once we finally advance past our college life, and achieve (achieve – :  to carry out successfully :  accomplish <achieve a gradual increase in production>) our goal of graduating, and as defined by the dictionary, achieving means that we should gradually develop our production skills, and that it not need be rushed, and by the end of our journey,we should have enough experience to give us the key to unlock our full potential, and realize in ourselves of what we can actually accomplish in life, and we gain the ability to create opportunities for oursleves, as well as move one step closer in achieving the ideal version of ourselves.

In conclusion, studying here in LaSalle and calling yourself a LaSallian is not just about textbooks and classes, it is about preparing ourselves for what the unpredicatable future holds for us, and to brace ourselves and be ready for whatever challenge it may present to us, another thing is making ourselves better human beings, both as students inside the campus, and as citizens in the real world. We do these things to make a world a better place not just for us and our loved ones, but for all those who inhabit the world.