Reflective Essay

ENGLCOM is one of those subjects that help you throughout your whole stay in DLSU. It sticks with you permanently because of all the lessons it teaches. A common misconception on academic reading and writing is that it is boring and not fun, but studying ENGLCOM has clarified to me that it is quite the opposite, and that it only does it it give us the freedom to express ourselves, but it is also not without challenges.

Writing essays during my classes here have given me my fair share of difficulties such as having difficulty in choosing a topic, or finding ways to elaborate on my points of emphasis. I tackle these challenges by first, thinking of a topic that could captivate the readers, and then thinking of ways I can continue the flow of sentences. I also try to stay calm and compose myself. These practices have caused me to improve in the way I write.

I have seen my improvements from my entry and exit essay clearly, because my entry essay was very unorganized and had ideas spread out everywhere, while my exit essay was more organized and the ideas were more concrete and well elaborated. These improvements were because of the way Ms. Saracin lets us write media logs and essays constantly, her guidance has also played a big role in my improvement as a student, She also lets us compile all our work in an E-Portfolio, so that we may review our work whenever we like, which helps a lot.

I can say that I have completed my portfolio and have achieved completeness, because I actually like what I am doing, and having an understanding and kind professor like Ms. Saracin helps too, because I do not feel restrained and forced.

In conclusion, ENGLCOM has made me appreciate English literature a lot more, and it has given me invaluable tips and lessons that I will bring with me everywhere. It has given me brand new energy in studying the ways of English literature and writing.


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