Entry Essay

Disclaimer : This is my entry essay so forgive any and all mistakes that I may commit, as I was not very experienced in creating essays for ENGLCOM at this time.

The social issue that I wish to tackle in this essay would be the corruption of the Philippine government and how it is a big hindrance to the Philippines. The corruption is present here in the Philippines is a huge road block that stops the Philippines from moving forward and achieving maximum potential. I believe that the corrupt government is one of the biggest, if not, the biggest reason why the Philippines is struggling in it’s current state, and why we cannot compete with top countries like Japan. I believe this because, indeed, how can we start improving our country, if our own leaders are the ones holding us back

I chose the topic of corruption because as we students grow older and more mature, we will inevitably be more and more involved in choosing our future leaders, as it is both our right and our responsibility as members of the society. So I myself, as a future voter, think that when it is my turn to vote, I should be able to have confidence on who I vote for, and they should keep their promises and plans during their election campaigns, but I think that in the current state of the Philippines, some people are starting to think that there is not a “correct” choice anymore, as nearly all the candidates turn corrupt sooner or later, so again, the problem stands that our country is quite notorious for it’s corruption, and even though all of our politicians  promise to stop or lessen corruption, they end up contributing to it and making it worse themselves, so again, my question is, how can we stand together as one whole country, when we are fighting against each other for money and power.

I have no concrete solution to this very big problem, because the solution is the politicians themselves, they should rethink what they are doing, and instead of becoming enveloped by greed and lust, they should focus on doing their jobs correctly and prioritize the members of our community over material things


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