Becoming A True LaSallian

Introduction : Being a LaSallian is not just about getting good grades and diploma at the end, It’s about coming out of the experience as a better person

Main Ideas

  1. Being a good LaSallian means upholding the good morals and values of our university and being a model to others. We must apply all our good values and traits not just on campus grounds, but also in the outside world.
  2. It is more than just about getting a diploma, It is about getting the experience to lead in the future. We study in LaSalle not just to gain knowledge, but also exposure and prepare ourselves to be the future leaders
  3. Being a true LaSallian means that once we graduate from this university, we have already tapped our potential and come out as better versions of ourselves. Once we our stay here in LasSalle has been completed, we should already have a grasp of our abilities and move closer to the ideal version of ourselves.

Conclusion : Studying in LaSalle is more than just about textbooks and classes, it is about preparing ourselves for the future, and making the world a better place not just for ourselves, but for those around us

Thesis Statement : Enrolling in LaSalle means more than just physical things like diplomas,grades, and graduating at the end of it all.


Main Essay

Some students, if not most, enroll here just for the sake of getting a degree in a popular university such as DLSU, but enrolling in LaSalle means much more than just getting good grades, or a diploma at the end of it all. It’s about coming out as a better version of yourself from the experience

  Being a true LaSallian means upholding the LaSallian way both inside and outside our university. We should apply it not just in our studies or campus, but also on how we treat other people, we should set an example for others, and become model citizens to them. An example of a situation we could apply it in, is our patience in studying, we can use this patience to tolerate other people who do us wrong, and with patience, getting knowledge and experience follows.

Part of being a LaSallian is not just about getting a diploma and degree when our stay here has come to an end, but it is also about gaining the experience and ability to lead in the future,well, what does it mean to lead? (lead::  to guide someone or something along a way), in order to lead others, we must be well versed in our field, and most importantly, have the ability to handle tasks thrown at us with experience and precisionm so we study here as future businessmen in order to get a taste of what it would be like to propose new ideas, as well as how to run our own business, and as for others who are not in COB, experience comes in the form of their trips outside the school, their OJT’s, and generally just working with the professionals.We are here not just for knowledge, but also for exposure, and to prepare ourselves to help our nation move forward, but being a leader requires us to know our potential and limits.

Lastly, being a student of LaSalle means that once we finally advance past our college life, and achieve (achieve – :  to carry out successfully :  accomplish <achieve a gradual increase in production>) our goal of graduating, and as defined by the dictionary, achieving means that we should gradually develop our production skills, and that it not need be rushed, and by the end of our journey,we should have enough experience to give us the key to unlock our full potential, and realize in ourselves of what we can actually accomplish in life, and we gain the ability to create opportunities for oursleves, as well as move one step closer in achieving the ideal version of ourselves.

In conclusion, studying here in LaSalle and calling yourself a LaSallian is not just about textbooks and classes, it is about preparing ourselves for what the unpredicatable future holds for us, and to brace ourselves and be ready for whatever challenge it may present to us, another thing is making ourselves better human beings, both as students inside the campus, and as citizens in the real world. We do these things to make a world a better place not just for us and our loved ones, but for all those who inhabit the world.





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