Exit Essay

The social issue that I am going to discuss is a common one, and it is one that affects most of our country’s population, and that is poverty, Poverty is an issue that has plagued our country for as long as the people can remember, and somehow, it is only getting worse and worse, I will discuss it in this exit essay and attempt to elaborate.

What causes poverty? Well poverty has a wide range of causes including the lack of employment in our country, or the poor job our government is doing on taking care of our country, but those are only factors. Poverty is mostly caused by people not having a quality education during their childhood, thus causing them to lack the qualifications needed for even a basic job, not having a basic foundation in education also results in them failing to understand family planning, which results in them having mouths that they are unable to feed.

Poverty not only affects the lifestyle of the lower class, but it affects everyone in general, as stated by the above, people who are experiencing poverty have poor or no education, couple that with hungry stomachs and you have someone who is desperate and in pain. This causes them to commit crimes like stealing, or even murdering, just to ease their hunger and pain. We see it everyday in the news, people getting their stuff stolen, and when the thief gets caught, they always say it’s because they are just trying to feed themselves or their family, although it’s not always true, it still makes me think about what can be done for these people.

Poverty is such a simple concept, but it is extremely hard to find a solution for it, it is hard not only because it affects so much people, but also because we do not truly feel the pain and suffering these people go through, which makes it harder for us to reach out to them. It does indeed help when the government creates free public schools for the children , but it is lacking, the adults also need jobs so as to make them feel useful and to make them feel like they have a purpose, unfortunately, our lack of employment is alarmingly high, which doesn’t help anybody.

In conclusion, poverty is a very serious issue, and should be considered by everyone as their responsibility to help lessen it. We can do little things like give them food or participate in outreaches to help, or attempt to give them a little education, poverty is rampant, but with enough dedication, it can be lessened.


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